Team Building Activities

Team building that doesn’t suck.

Effortless excitement & easy planning. We throw scavenger hunts for company team building.

CLASH takes corporate team building to a whole new level. We’ll take your corporate
culture to the streets, put a drink in its hand and strap it in neon spandex! Joe Garvey, the brains behind these epic scavenger hunts famously calls it, “Team building that doesn’t suck.” and he’s most definitely correct!

Team building experiences at CLASH starts at our well-stocked and brightly colored clubhouse that’s located in the heart of San Francisco. Once everyone has had a chance to loosen up with the help of some icebreakers, face painting and loud music that you just can’t help but boogie to, the hunt begins!

The party busts out to the streets as you embark on your epic quest. Players will perform a number of outrageous tasks around the area that require strategy,teamwork and the ability to be bold. Don’t worry, all of your tasks will be documented with photos! You wouldn’t want to miss out on Janice getting frisky with Frisky, would you?


As the hunt comes to an end, everyone will meet back at the clubhouse for more drinks, dance circles, loud music, photos and awards! Here we will find out your employees’ ability to build human pyramids and which member of your sales team prefers kissing the heads bald men.

The winners will be announced at the very end and they will drink from the victor’s chalice that holds the sweet nectar of triumph! In other words, you get to drink champagne out of a really cool trophy. By the end of the day, we promise that you will know way too much about your coworkers and you will love every minute of it.

If your company is hosting a special event or celebration, we can customize the experience to incorporate your specific occasion.

This is inarguably the most unforgettable employee bonding experience you will ever find, so get in touch with Melissa (our director of excitement) to set up an event. We want to get weird with you!

CLASH is taking team building to a whole new level of awesome. We’re all about being bold, building confidence and encouraging creativity!

Our clients include dozens of top San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley companies, and we’ve recently expanded to service numerous other cities, including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston.

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“SOOO IMPRESSED! We had more fun than we’ve ever had – and we do some pretty awesome offsites!”

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